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Whole Home Air Purifiers from Aprilaire

Whole Home Air Purifiers from Aprilaire

Removes Pollutants Throughout Your Home
Whole-Home Air Purifiers are installed as part of your central heating and cooling system, away from living areas. The air in your home runs through our state-of-the-art filter media, delivering clean air throughout your entire home, silently and efficiently. Maintenance is easy and infrequent, requiring attention just once a year. Compare that to portable air purifiers that only clean air in a single room and require cleaning every 1-3 months.

Clean the Air on Your Terms
Unlike air purifiers that only work when your heating and cooling system is running, Event-Based™ Air Cleaning lets you call the shots. You control when and how the air purifier works based on day-to-day conditions and activities such as allergy season, spring cleaning, or any time there’s extra dust in the air. And it all works with a touch of a button!

Buderus Logalux S120

Buderus Logalux S120

Zap surface mold on cooling coils and kill airborne bacteria that can recirculate through your home! When installed in forced air heating and cooling systems, your UV100E Ultraviolet Air Treatment System kills the contaminants in the air passing over it.

  • Highly Effective – Eliminates up to 99.9% of mold spores in your system.
  • High Rate of Success – Kills up to 87% of airborne bacteria passing by the system.
  • Highly Efficient – Maintains system efficiency and airflow – which saves you money!
Honeywell TrueCLEAN™ Whole-House Air Cleaner Systems

Honeywell TrueCLEAN™ Whole-House Air Cleaner Systems

TrueCLEAN remove a majority of particles from the air passing through your heating and cooling system, so everyone in your home can live more comfortably. While portable air cleaners can provide a certain level of effectiveness in individual rooms, TrueCLEAN is installed in your central heating and cooling system. It cleans the air going through your ductwork and pushes the cleaner air out to all rooms in your home.

Advanced 3-Stage Filtration Technology – The Charge-Capture-Destroy process not only captures more particles than traditional media filters, but also deactivates up to 99% of those particles.

  • Highly Effective – Captures a wide range of particles including dust, pollen, smoke, mold spores & bacteria.
  • Replace Less Often – Lasts up to four times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind – Quiet operation and easy installation never interferes with your daily life.

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