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General Terms & Conditions

  1. Service contracts are for regular automatic delivery customers only. Will call customers must be approved by Bi-County Fuels administrative staff. Bi-County Fuels reserves the right to terminate this contract if in the opinion of our staff; oil is being purchased from another source.
  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to schedule service. No refunds will be made for service not scheduled.
  3. This plan does not cover damage to equipment due to Acts of God, such as, fire, flooding or loss of electrical service to your home or damages caused due to an unattended dwelling.
  4. This agreement does not cover parts and/or labor charges due to the following:
    • Inadequate boiler room ventilation
    • Failure to maintain a safe and reliable fuel storage tank
    • Frozen water lines
    • Lack of oil due to account delinquency
    • Failure to maintain proper water level in boiler
    • Heating switch is in “off” position
    • Improperly set thermostat
    • Blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
    • Underground storage tank failure
    • This service agreement covers oil equipment only.
  5. It is understood that our service will be prompt and efficient. We will not be responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our control.
  6. This service agreement becomes effective following inspection and approval of your heating system by one of our trained technicians.
  7. Repairs required to place your equipment in satisfactory condition are excluded from this plan and charged separately at the time of your scheduled annual maintenance.
  8. The terms of this plan shall be for one year from the date of initial acceptance and payment receipt. The plan will be billed and renewed annually on the anniversary date each year. The plan may be terminated by either party in writing 30 days from the billing date. This contract will be voided automatically if payment is not received within 60 days without notice. This plan is not pro-rated for refund purposes after 60 days.
  9. This plan does not cover parts that become obsolete and are no longer available through regular supply sources.
  10. This plan does not cover radiant heat piping or control systems.
  11. This plan does not cover parts or control systems that have been serviced by individuals not authorized by Bi-County Fuels, Inc.
  12. All parts replaced by Bi-County Fuels as part of this service agreement are warranted for one year parts and labor.

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