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Prevent Unwanted Guests HVAC

As the temperatures start to drop, the critters start trying to come inside. Unfortunately, that means you might have a plethora of unwanted pests entering your home, ranging from insects to rodents. No matter how well you seal your windows and doors you still have vulnerabilities for intrusion via your home’s HVAC system. Even with the best pest control experts protecting your home, mice, spiders and even squirrels would love to crawl into your house via open vents. They might try to take up residence inside your ductwork so that they can stay warm during those chilly fall evenings. Take a few precautions to prevent unwanted guests from using your HVAC system as their comfy winter home…

Furnace Maintenance Services

Avoid the Hassle & Expense of Emergency Heating Equipment Issues This Winter

Why is it so important to give your HVAC system a thorough inspection before winter sets in? The last thing you want to deal with when temperatures dips in the next few weeks is a broken furnace! Not only can it be costly to fix – it can leave your family in the cold. Statistics show that 75% of all emergency calls are due to poor furnace maintenance.

But if there’s nothing currently wrong with your furnace, you might be wondering why you should have a furnace tune-up and safety check. What you may not realize is that professional furnace maintenance is a good investment. At the very least, you could be paying more than necessary in winter heating expenses simply because your furnace is not being properly maintained. Here are a few ways that regular HVAC maintenance can save you money…

Properly Sizing HVAC Units

Learn the How & Why From Your HVAC Experts

Whether it is a cool, fresh atmosphere in the hot summer or a cozy, toasty environment in the harsh winter – your HVAC unit is instrumental in keeping your home and family comfortable at all times. There are several considerations that can make or break your heating and cooling system and proper sizing is one of them. From rising electricity bills to extreme humidity or dryness in the air, incorrect sizing issues can cause many problems. The home comfort specialists at Bi-County Inc offer some insights into properly sizing your HVAC units.

BiCounty Inc Home Fuel Oil Delivery Full-Service Relationship Advantage

Consider the Bi-County Inc Full-Service Relationship Advantage Before Making That Decision

At Bi-County Inc, we receive inquiries almost every day from prospective customers who need to choose a new heating fuel supplier. One of the most frequently asked question that we answer is: “Do you have the lowest price on home heating oil?” We understand that a low fuel price is important to you and do our best to control our costs to keep our prices down while providing the best quality oil in the region. But price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a heating fuel supplier. Consider the Bi-County Inc full-service relationship advantage…

Bi-County AC Repair Maintenance

Your HVAC Team In Chalfont, PA Explains The Benefits

An annual AC tune-up early in the season will ensure your cooling system runs efficiently through the hot summer months. Regular AC maintenance can prevent sudden breakdowns, keep your energy bills low and help maximize air conditioner service life.

There are Multiple Advantages to an Annual AC Tune-Up:

Bi-County Inc Increase AC Efficiency

Outside Temperatures Affect How Well Your HVAC Works

We all know that the hotter it is outside, the harder the AC works to cool our homes. As a result, you might find it struggling to bring down temperatures in extreme summer heat. One reason is that the air conditioning cycle requires the temperature outside to be cooler than the hot air it is releasing from the unit. That is why your air conditioner works more efficiently in cooler fall and spring temperatures. One of the simplest ways to increase the efficiency of your HVAC is regular maintenance services. Dirt and debris, or faulty parts can add to the strain on the compressor.

Your Home Comfort Specialists Discuss Key AC Technology Improvements

Air Conditioned for Your Comfort in Bucks County PA

The continuous advancements in air conditioning technology have led to significant improvements in the functionality and features of today’s cooling equipment. From energy consumption and sound, to size, appearance and efficiency of individual components, several aspects of the AC unit have evolved that directly address the concerns presented by earlier generations of these units.

Key Improvement in AC Technology Over the Years…

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