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If the recent warmer weather has you day dreaming of Bucks County summers and more time outdoors you’re not alone. Longer days, trips to the pool and summer vacations are just around the corner! Now is also a good time to start thinking about how your home will feel in a potentially sweltering June, July and August. If you spent last summer sticky and uncomfortable or your family relied on noisy and inefficient window air conditioners to keep the temperature of your living spaces bearable – then it’s time to call the HVAC professionals at Bi-County Inc. and upgrade to a whole home cooling system.

indirect water heater oil


Deciding on the right Hot Water Heating System is essential for perfect home comfort. Oil heat’s ability to produce a reliable, inexpensive supply of hot water is one of its strongest features. Oil-fired water heaters have high recovery rates, which means they can heat large amounts of water quickly.

A water heater’s recovery rate is the amount of water whose temperature the unit can raise by 100° in one hour. For example, if it can increase the temperature of 40 gallons of water by 100° in an hour, the unit has a 40-gallon recovery rate. Oil-fired water heaters have recovery rates as high as 120 gallons per hour. Please contact us at Bi-County Inc. to find out which water heating option is best for your home and family. We can work with you to make sure the water heater you choose has a sufficient recovery rate for your needs.

Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Important Advice From Bi-County Inc, Your Local Heating & Cooling Company

One of the most frustrating situations to deal with in winter is a furnace blowing cold air. We receive many calls from anxious homeowners expecting to troubleshoot this problem over the phone and quickly fix it themselves. This is not practical or safe! Without the right training and tools, you could damage your expensive system and put your safety at risk.

There are many reasons for a furnace malfunction – the most common being lack of maintenance and repairs or a system that is at the end of its service life. The only way to correctly diagnose and fix the issue is to have a trained technician from Bi-County Inc. perform a detailed inspection. However, there are some useful steps you can take to help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

What To Do If Your Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air…

A Few Important Tips For Keeping Your Heater Properly Adjusted During Extreme Cold Conditions

Bi-County Inc Cold Weather RemindersSevere cold weather can seem like a great time to have a fire going in your fireplace at home. However, if the fireplace is in the same room as your thermostat, your central heating system may turn off as it measures the temperature in the warmer room. This can cause rooms farther away to become very cold – cold enough for your pipes to freeze!

Maintain a set point of at least 65 degrees F, even if you are not home, to prevent your pipes from freezing. This is especially important for domestic water lines exposed to outside walls. If you have had water pipes freeze in the past, think about adding heat to these areas.

Here Are Some Simple Suggestions to Avoid Freezing Pipes and Costly Repairs…

Honeywell Pro Series 4000 ThermostatExpert Tips For Better Energy Savings In The Winter

During this time of the year, your furnace is running continuously to keep the inside of your home warm and toasty. Therefore, you might just assume that higher energy costs are inevitable every winter. Even with a programmable thermostat and the latest energy-efficient furnace model, you could waste energy unnecessarily and increase your utility bills for no reason. Before you assume that higher utility bills are just part of winter, make sure you are programming your thermostat correctly and optimizing your energy consumption for the season.

Here are some tips to ensure you have your thermostat programmed right…

Bi-County Inc Sick Furnace Carbon MonoxideIs Your Furnace Leaking Carbon Monoxide?

This year’s home heating season is here, which means that for the next few months, your house will rely heavily on the furnace for comfortable temperatures inside. Most furnaces are gas burning, which means that they produce carbon monoxide (CO). If a leak develops in your furnace, this toxic gas can release into the air inside your home.

While a furnace has safety measures in place to keep carbon monoxide from coming back into your home, sometimes these methods fail. To keep your family safe, you must take proper precautions and keep your system in check to prevent leaks and harmful buildup.

Luckily, there are steps to prevent and detect harmful CO leaks to keep your home safe…

Furnace Maintenance

5 Steps To Take Before You Turn On The Heat

As the temperatures start to drop at this time of the year, you need to be prepared to transition your home’s HVAC system. Before the temperatures drop too low, make sure you follow the proper steps, especially before you turn on your furnace for the first time this season. When your home heating system is prepared properly, you will save money on heating costs, but also prevent any unexpected breakdowns when you need your furnace the most.

Bi-County Inc PineRun BridgeKeep it Warm Without Breaking the Bank

While running your furnace is typically less expensive than running your air conditioner, you still need to be eco-conscious about it. With everyone back in school, the house sits empty all day wasting energy and money that could be saved. And while you sleep, your house might be eating up those precious dollars you just earned at work. Often these money wasters happen without you knowing – until you see your next bill!

Preparing Your System for Winter the Correct Way

BiCounty Inc Maintenance ServicesYou have your HVAC system tuned-up in the spring and fall, but that does not mean it will not require additional maintenance after working hard all summer long. In fact, now is the prime time to service your home’s heating and cooling.

Your home will soon transition from the cooling season to the heating season, so you can prep the furnace and then tackle any undone air conditioner maintenance before the transition occurs.

Bi-County Inc AC SavingsWays to Cool Down Your Energy Costs

Once summer is in full swing, you might find that your air conditioner is operating all day without much of a break. Summer brings on the higher energy costs too, which means you spend more on utilities than you might like.

Every time your air conditioner kicks in, you don’t want to feel your bank account draining. Your air conditioner accounts for almost half of your home’s energy use. Therefore, see what you can do this summer to lessen the financial impact of staying comfortable at home.

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