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How to Balance Out the Temperature in Your Home – PART ONE

Balance Out the Temperature in Your Home

Is Your Heating Consistent Throughout Every Room?

If your family is like so many others in Pennsylvania, this is the time of year you start to notice some of the kinks in your home comfort system. Does it feel like the temperature in your home varies from room-to-room? If you’ve noticed that some areas in the house are considerably cooler/warmer than others, this isn’t normal. While some may blame an old house for spotty heating, it could be a sign of an issue that needs attention. You expect your entire home to be comfortable, but over time the HVAC system can be affected by the following…

Common Sources of Temperature Imbalances & Solutions:

  • NEW FILTERS – Start by checking your air filters. Dirty air filters restrict airflow, which not only impacts the temperature in your room but also makes your system work harder. You’ll want to make sure you schedule annual maintenance and change your filters every 1-3 months, depending on how quickly they get dirty.
  • VENT ADJUSTMENTS – Make it a point to adjust the vents in each room, so they welcome the right amount of air. If the vents are closed in certain rooms, the heat in your home will bypass it and move on to the next open vent. Also, we tend to put our furniture where it looks best and sometimes that means blocking a vent. Even a buildup of pet hair and dust can block the vent enough to change airflow significantly. So slide your furniture around a bit and vacuum any gunk off of the registers.
  • LEAKY or DIRTY DUCTS – Get your air ducts inspected and cleaned. When your ducts spring a leak, air doesn’t get to the end of the line. Leaks force your furnace to work harder than it should to deliver warm air to the furthest parts of the house. It causes unnecessary wear on the furnace and results in more emergency repairs than a furnace should need. Get your ducts cleaned and opt for a quality air filter to keep the dust and other debris out of the ducts in the future.
  • WINDOW DRAFTS – Check your windows to make sure they aren’t just closed and locked but also well-insulated. Even if air leaks are subtle, they can cause drafts and cold spots in the home as well as elevate your heating bill. Where rooms are located and the size and number of windows in those rooms can have an effect on the temperature as well.
  • INADEQUATE DUCTS – Proper ductwork design and installation is a major undertaking. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners when sizing and installing ducts. If that’s the case, not only will it be hard to stay comfortable, but your furnace will short cycle more often. Over time, it might even overheat and eventually fail. The solution is for Bi-County’s experts to redesign your ductwork to the best extent possible, otherwise, you will continue to have the same issues.
  • UPGRADE CONTROL PRODUCTS – A Smart Thermostat is a powerful tool that many of our customers have upgraded to this year and will continue to grow in popularity. It can help to deliver heat/cool more aggressively to maintain comfortable temperatures at different times in the day. It will improve the comfort level in your home by scheduling those temperature adjustments automatically. It also allows you to control your furnace and air conditioner from anywhere in the world via your smart phone.

Get Comfortable in Every Room of Your House

If none of these steps work, you may have a much larger problem on your hands. You may need your HVAC system balanced. This may involve adjusting how your air ducts are installed or using dampers to tweak how airflow travels through your home. Please stay tuned for out next Blog post, “How to Balance Out the Temperature in Your Home– PART TWO”, for further explanation. Either way, these challenges should be tackled by the experienced professionals from Bi-County Inc.

If you can’t strike the right temperature balance throughout your home, it’s time you gave Bi-County Inc a call! Click to contact us today for a full HVAC Balance evaluation to determine the source of your imbalance and to find the right solution for your home.

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