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Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems Are Innovative Solutions for Your HVAC Needs

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If you are interested in a heating and cooling system that is efficient and effective year-round, consider the benefits of a heat pump system. These all-in-one systems offer homeowners improved energy efficiency solutions. They can be integrated with an existing system utilizing oil or gas as an alternative back-up instead of electric. Heat pump systems are an attractive option for people who are interested in saving on their heating bills and reducing their carbon footprint by providing high-efficiency cooling in the summer, and effective heating for your living space in the winter.

So What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump & Central Air Conditioning?

Many homeowners scratch their heads over the difference between a central air conditioner and a heat pump. When it comes to household cooling, a heat pump and an air conditioner provide essentially the same end result. Both systems use the refrigeration process to extract heat energy and moisture from inside air, and then release the heat into the outside air, using refrigerant, copper coils, powerful fans and a compressor to circulate the cool air through ducts and into rooms. But a well-maintained heat pump can deliver three times the heat energy as the electric power that goes into it. This is far more efficient than even the most effective combustion heating systems.

  • Transfer the Air – Instead of working to generate warm air and cool air to create a comfortable temperature in your home, heat pump systems simply transfer heat. In the summer months, warm air is transferred out of the space. In the cooler seasons, warmth is drawn in from the air outdoors. A lot less energy is required to transfer temperate air rather than create it, so you end up using less energy to heat your space. The system works in a very similar fashion to your refrigerator, but on a larger scale.
  • Simplified Installation – If you have existing ductwork for central air conditioning or a forced-air heating system, changing to a heat pump is a fairly simple installation. They are also very safe and durable, as most units can last much longer than traditional systems with proper maintenance. Installation must be completed by experienced HVAC technicians who understand how air and temperature must flow efficiently throughout your home. For that reason, you can enjoy Bi-County’s attention to detail and dedicated maintenance services with your heat pump system installation.  
  • Versatile Application – While they are not suited to every home or property, heat pumps are optimal for use in moderate-cold climates like we experience here in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA. Depending on your current comfort control levels and needs, the experts at Bi-County Inc can provide a recommendation for whether or not a heat pump system will be adequate for your home and lifestyle and if an optional hybrid back-up system is needed.

Considering a Heat Pump System?

If you are interested in creating a greener, more affordable, and streamlined comfort control system for your residential property, consider heat pumps as an alternative to your current system. Energy savings, easier maintenance and a more simplified installation are some of our customers’ top-rated benefits of their heat pump systems. Find out if this option is right for you with open, honest, attentive service from the HVAC technicians at Bi-County Inc. We will explore the best options for your property and provide reliable service maintenance calls for the life span of your equipment.

Heat Pump Systems are innovative solutions for your HVAC needs. Speak with the residential comfort control experts at Bi-County for more information and a personalized consultation about a heat pump system for your property. We offer a complete line of high efficiency heat pumps that will help keep the temperature regulated throughout the entire year. Learn more about our installation, maintenance and repair services for your heating systems and cooling systems.