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Outdoor Reset Control

Key Benefits of Using Outdoor Reset ControlsDoes Your Boiler Consider the Weather Outside?

If your house uses a boiler for home heating, there is a great energy saving device out there you may not even be aware exists. The outdoor reset control is a device made specifically to prolong the life of your boiler and save energy. This device works on both oil and gas boilers, and on boilers with and without condensate pumps.

To get accurate, comfortable temperatures indoors, the heat supplied to your home must be equal to the heat lost from your home. The outdoor temperature can greatly impact how efficiently this happens. Even in a well-insulated, brand new home, heat loss will increase as the temperatures outside drop.

How Does an Outdoor Reset Control Device Work?

To understand what this device does, you must first understand that the point of any home heating system is to compensate for heat loss from your home. Boilers work by heating up water and circulating it through your house to keep it warm. They are designed to handle heating needs under the coldest possible outdoor conditions. But regardless of milder outside weather conditions, most boilers will still operate at full capacity, wasting energy and money.

An outdoor reset control is attached to your existing boiler. They communicate with a temperature sensor that is place outside your home. What this does is help save energy by operating a boiler at the most efficient setpoint based on outdoor temperature. As the outdoor temperature changes, the control adjusts the boiler to the optimum temperature that will ensure the homeowner stays comfortable. Some advanced reset controls also monitor indoor temperature when adjusting the boiler, to account for fluctuations within the home.

These controls can be used to help improve cost-effectiveness in both older and newer systems. For every 4°F the boiler water is reduced, there is a 1% energy savings. So if the boiler was run based on using an outdoor reset at 120°F verses a fixed set point of 180°F it will provide a minimum saving of 15%.

Outdoor Rest Boiler ControlsKey Benefits of Outdoor Reset Boiler Controls:

Boiler controls are relatively inexpensive to purchase and once you consider the benefits, the cost of a control system typically pays for itself. Just some advantages of installing a reset control include:

  • They are easy to install.  Bi-County Fuels, Inc. can install and setup your reset control in a short, one-day appointment.
  • Saves you money.  Your boiler will operate at optimum temperature year-round, thus improving its overall efficiency and comfort.
  • Minimize ticking expansion noises in baseboards, because they prevent large temperature swings from happening.
  • Improved comfort in your home utilizing a temperature inside that better suits what the temperature is outside.
  • Increased boiler life.  When your boiler is not operating continually at maximum temperatures, you reduce the wear and tear on its components. This will save you from costly repairs and replacements in the future.

The next time your boiler kicks in, consider the temperature outside and if your boiler is recognizing that temperature. At Bi-County Inc. we are proud to carry Honeywell Outdoor Reset Control that can reduce heating costs by up to 15 percent!

Keep your heating bills in check by ensuring your boiler considers outside temperatures and adjusts the indoor temperatures accordingly. Click to contact Bi-County Inc. online today or call 215-822-0515 to learn more about a Honeywell Outdoor Reset Control for your home’s boiler. 

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