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Water Treatment Systems

The Benefits of Good Water Quality

Water is complex, can have many potential contaminants and there is no “one size fits all” solution to water problems. The water treatment professionals at Bi-County Inc can help you sort through the in-home water treatment systems. Together, we will investigate your options for treatment at the faucet level (point-of-use) and the entire house/building (point-of-entry) and find the right products to treat your water quality issues!

Water Treatment & Conditioning Solutions

BiCounty Inc Water Treatment Systems

Water Softeners
– Filters out excess magnesium, calcium and metals
– Eliminates scale deposits in pipes improving water flow
– Extends the life of water heaters and appliances
– Better for your skin and hair

Activated Carbon Filters
– Removes Chlorine, organics, pesticides, and sediments
– Improves taste and odor

Automatic Iron Water Filter
– Takes care of red or brown stains in your sink, tub, or shower
– Helps remove sediment from plumbing and improves water flow

UV Sterilizers
– Kills bacteria and viruses
– Improves color, taste, and odor

Acid Neutralizer Filter
– Raises the pH, neutralizing corrosive characteristics
– Protects pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliances
– Removes iron and magnesium

When is it time to seek professional help for your water?

Click to contact us at Bi-County Inc under the following circumstances:

– If your tap water doesn’t taste good
– If your tap water doesn’t smell good
– If your soap doesn’t lather properly when mixed with soap
– If your water leaves scale or spots on surfaces
– If you have red or brown stains in your sink, tub, or shower
– If you’ve had laboratory testing done and aren’t sure how to solve the problems

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