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Prevent Unwanted Guests From Invading Your HVAC System

From Bi-County Inc, Your Trusted Local Partner In Home Comfort

Prevent Unwanted Guests HVAC

As the temperatures start to drop, the critters start trying to come inside. Unfortunately, that means you might have a plethora of unwanted pests entering your home, ranging from insects to rodents. No matter how well you seal your windows and doors you still have vulnerabilities for intrusion via your home’s HVAC system. Even with the best pest control experts protecting your home, mice, spiders and even squirrels would love to crawl into your house via open vents. They might try to take up residence inside your ductwork so that they can stay warm during those chilly fall evenings. Take a few precautions to prevent unwanted guests from using your HVAC system as their comfy winter home…

Tips for Keeping Intruders Out of Your HVAC System

  • Clean-up Around Your Exterior HVAC Unit: The area around your HVAC unit should be kept clear. The more plants you have surrounding your system, the more likely you are to have pest invasions. Not only should the unit itself already be elevated on a concrete slab, but you need to make sure all weeds, bushes, grass and/or flowers are trimmed away leaving a border without any plant life. During the offseason, cover the top of the unit to prevent debris invasion. Avoid those large, heavy covers that make your HVAC equipment look like a safe place to nest for the winter – a light mesh is all that’s necessary.
  • Put Mesh Over Vents that Enter Your Home: All vents leading from the inside out need to be covered with tightly sealed wire mesh. The mesh can help to keep out birds, insects and critters, but you want to check it annually to make sure it is still securely in place. Now is a good time to clean out dryer vents too, because the lint build-up might be enticing nest materials.
  • Seal Off All Ductwork: Any cracks in your ductwork can invite pests lurking in your house to nest there in the warmth. Some common insects that make their way in through cracks and holes in the ductwork include roaches, spiders and stink bugs. You can repair them relatively easily yourself, unless you see significant damage on the exterior of your ductwork.
  • Maintain Your HVAC Systems: Routine seasonal HVAC maintenance can prevent unwanted invaders because the older and dirtier your system, the more likely you are to have a problem. Having your system cleaned on a regular basis deters insects and rodents from taking up residence. Not only will a Bi-County technician identify potential entry points, but they can notify you of any signs of an intrusion so that you can contact your local pest control service and have them taken care of quickly.

Keep Those Unwanted Guests Outdoors – Schedule Your Fall HVAC Maintenance Appointment!

Don’t let your home become a pest hotel this fall and winter! Now is the perfect time for your annual fall heating equipment tune-up and safety check – before the weather turns colder and our schedule begins to fill up. The technicians at Bi-County Inc will not only inspect your equipment to ensure your systems are working at maximum efficiency but will make sure you do not have any warning indicators of a pest intrusion and offer suggestions to avoid them in the future.

You can count on Bi-County Inc. for safe and reliable year-round comfort in your home. Full-service and family operated, Bi-County has been serving the home heating and cooling needs of the Bucks-Mont area for over 50 years. And to ensure you get your home fuel-oil on time, every time learn more about our full-service delivery options. Click to contact us online or call 215-822-0515 to schedule your fall preventative maintenance service appointment today and prevent unwanted guests from your HVAC system!

Prevent Unwanted Guests From Your Home HVAC System

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