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The Evolution of Air Conditioner Technology

Your Home Comfort Specialists Discuss Key AC Technology Improvements

Air Conditioned for Your Comfort in Bucks County PA

The continuous advancements in air conditioning technology have led to significant improvements in the functionality and features of today’s cooling equipment. From energy consumption and sound, to size, appearance and efficiency of individual components, several aspects of the AC unit have evolved that directly address the concerns presented by earlier generations of these units.

Key Improvement in AC Technology Over the Years…

  • Quieter Operation: Changes in the fan blade shape and compressor technology make sure that the loud rumbling of the AC condenser units outside or inside your home is a thing of the past. Newer units make one-twentieth of the noise as compared to older ACs. Some models come with a variable-speed fan motor, as well as a high-density foam sound blanket that subdues the compressor noises.
  • Environmentally Friendly: While older refrigerant Freon R22 contained chemicals which essentially eat away the ozone layer, the introduction of Puron R410A makes modern ACs much less harsh on the environment. And being non-toxic and non-flammable, it promotes cleaner outdoor and indoor air.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Early-generation AC units consumed alarming amounts of electricity, leading to monstrous utility bills. The energy-efficient models available today use only 1,700 watts/hour electricity consumption to cool an average-sized home vs older units that used 6,000 watts/hour. That’s a 280% decrease in electricity consumption over the years!

The Right Air Conditioning System for Your Needs & Budget

Despite the evolution in AC technology, when you decide to install or replace your air conditioning system, you will need to select the right tonnage that optimizes the energy expenses and maximizes your comfort. If you are looking for cooling solutions for your home in Bucks or Montgomery County, PA rely on the professionals at Bi-County Inc. Our certified technicians are specialists in air conditioning technology improvements and keep abreast of the latest innovations in this field. They will take into account your home’s size, layout, sun exposure, insulation levels, air leakage and other related factors, before recommending modern cooling systems that meet your requirements and budget.

At Bi-County Inc, your comfort is our priority! We understand that “air conditioning” encompasses both the cooling and heating of air, as well as cleaning the air and controlling moisture levels within the air you breathe in a home or office space. Our knowledgeable, friendly service experts and responsive dispatch communication department work to get one of our service vehicles out to you for the fastest service, repair or replacement possible!

Need to tune-up your air conditioner or install a new cooling system? Call Bi-County Inc at 215-822-0515 to book an appointment. You can also click to contact us online and request an estimate.

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