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As We Transition From Fall To Winter

Furnace Maintenance

5 Steps To Take Before You Turn On The Heat

As the temperatures start to drop at this time of the year, you need to be prepared to transition your home’s HVAC system. Before the temperatures drop too low, make sure you follow the proper steps, especially before you turn on your furnace for the first time this season. When your home heating system is prepared properly, you will save money on heating costs, but also prevent any unexpected breakdowns when you need your furnace the most.

Take Care of These 5 Items Before Turning Your Furnace On This Winter:

  1. Clean Filters & Equipment:  During a preventative maintenance service tune-up with Bi-County Inc, your maintenance technician will clean not only the filters, but also all heating equipment. You will boost the efficiency of the system by removing build-up and debris from your coils, fans and more.
  2. Check Your Home for Leaks:  Check all windows and doors to make sure they are sealed properly. Sealing your home prevents cold air from coming in, but also keeps the warm air inside.
  3. Look at the Thermostat:   Test your winter settings – Make sure you change the thermostat to heating mode so that it kicks on at the right time. Do you have a program in place for when you are away from home or sleeping at night to save money? Also, now is the time to check the batteries in your thermostat and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Check the Pressure of Your Air Conditioner:  One overlooked maintenance task at the end of the season is your air conditioner. You might be putting it to rest for winter, but you still want to have the levels checked before doing so. Our technicians will help identify any leaks before you shut it down for winter.
  5. Sign-up for Our Full-Service Fuel Oil Delivery:   Bi-County offers numerous fuel oil delivery plans and payment options so that it is always convenient and affordable to ensure you get the fuel your home needs on time, every time – with the customer service you deserve.

Before you kick on the furnace and start warming up your house, schedule a fall maintenance tune-up with the team at Bi-County Inc in Chalfont, PA. Our technicians can come out to your home and perform full seasonal services ensuring that your heater good-to-go and your air conditioner is ready to take it easy this winter.

Click to request an appointment for your fall maintenance or call us at 215-822-0515 to schedule today!

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