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When Should I Turn Off the AC For The Season?

Bi-County Inc PineRun BridgeStep-By-Step Guide for the Change in Seasons

As the cool weather arrives in late October, it is probably time to switch off your air conditioner. Shutting it down correctly will help ensure it works properly next summer. Here is some important information to prevent unnecessary damage and costly repairs to your HVAC system.

Timely attention will enable your HVAC to work longer and more efficiently:

  • Set the thermostat to heat and adjust it to the desired temperature settings.
  • Clean the outdoor unit to remove dead leaves, branches, bugs and dust on or around it. If you need to wash it, let it dry for a few hours before you cover it again.
  • Check your air filter to see if it needs replacement. A dirty filter makes your furnace or heat pump work harder and could even cause a breakdown.
  • Adjust your humidifier controller to winter settings. Some indoor air quality experts recommend keeping levels between 40 to 45% in winter.
  • Turn on your furnace to make sure it is ready for the cold temperatures. Adjust the temperature to get it to start. If you hear strange sounds or get a burning smell, turn it off immediately and call a Bi-County technician.

If you did not do your annual tune up for the heating and cooling systems in spring, schedule it now before winter arrives! Properly maintaining your furnace will prevent sudden breakdowns and reduce your heating bills. Our experienced technicians perform inspections, expert adjustments and skilled repairs with minimum disruption to your schedule.

Count on Bi-County Inc to keep your home comfort systems running at peak efficiency in your home. If it is time to replace your HVAC, we’re here to answer your questions and help you select the right equipment for your lifestyle and budget. Click to contact us for more information about properly maintaining or upgrading your heating and cooling equipment today!

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