Why Is My AC Not Turning Off?

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Having AC troubles?  Don’t suffer the heat for long!  We are often called to fix an AC that is running continuously even when it has reached the desired temperature or when the weather is cooler. Though the problem is not uncommon, you have reason to be concerned. In addition to the unnecessary wear on the unit, you are also likely to receive a high electricity bill.

10 Reasons Your Air Conditioning Is Not Shutting Off…

There is more than one reason for this problem and it takes a trained eye to find it. We recommend contacting an experienced HVAC technician from Bi-County to take a look at your system. Listed are some common reasons an AC will not turn off or is cycling continuously:

  1. Faulty thermostat
  2. Clogged air filter
  3. Dirty evaporator coil
  4. Frozen evaporator coil
  5. Not enough refrigerant
  6. Leaking ducts
  7. Dirty or blocked condenser
  8. Blower and motor fan problems
  9. Incorrect unit size
  10. Lack of maintenance

How To Fix Your Malfunctioning AC

The only way to stop your AC from running continuously is to shut off the emergency switch or turn off the emergency breaker. Next, call our certified HVAC professionals to have a look at it. Trying to fix it yourself is dangerous. You could also end up damaging your expensive cooling unit in the process.

Trust the team at Bi-County Inc to efficiently repair the air conditioning in your home. Our certified technicians respond quickly with economical, long-term solutions. Rest assured, we have the right tools and quality replacement parts to restore optimal functioning of your unit.

Should replacement be more cost-effective than repair, Bi-County offer skilled cooling system installation services and a wide range of the latest high-efficiency models to choose from. By making sure your new AC is properly sized and calibrated, we help you avoid common operational problems and sudden breakdowns.

Sign-up for Bi-County’s skilled preventative and seasonal Maintenance Services to keep the HVAC system in your home at peak efficiency. Click to request an estimate online or call us at 215-822-0515 for your air conditioning repair appointment.

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