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Help! Why is My Heat Not Working?

Why doesn’t your heat turn on? What’s keeping your equipment from working property? And how serious is the problem?

When wintery weather hits in Pennsylvania, the last thing you want to come home to is a chilly house! At Bi-County Inc, we receive a lot of “no heat” calls at this time of year. It’s important to prepare for the cold and snow-dusted days ahead by knowing the most common signs of HVAC problems in cold weather. While there are several reasons your heating system might not be working, read on to find out what kind of difficulties happen most often, as well as what you can do to fix them.

Common Heating Problems & Solutions

Furnace Diagram - Common Heating Problems & Solutions
  • Your Heater Will Produce Only Cold Air
    If your heater fails to live up to its name by producing cold air instead of warm, don’t panic! Before you pick up the phone, there may be an easy fix.
    • Check your thermostat to make sure it’s set to “Auto”. While some homeowners think “Fan On” is a good setting, it doesn’t always produce heated air.
    • If the setting is right, move on to your air filters. Are they clean? If not, replace your filters so your heating system can run efficiently.
    • Next, take a peek at your pilot light on your heating system. This should light up when your heat is on. If it doesn’t, contact a Bi-County HVAC technician, just to be safe.
    • Leaky ducts can be a culprit. Unfortunately, many contractors cut corners when sizing and installing ducts. Again, you’ll want to consult the experienced team at Bi-County to correct this issue.
  • The Thermostat Isn’t Working Properly
    Not all heating system problems involve the unit itself. Sometimes the problem lies solely in your thermostat. Like your heating unit, your system’s controls sometimes need repair or replacement. If you troubleshoot your thermostat and reset it to the manufacturer’s setting but problems persist, try checking the circuit breaker or replacing the batteries. If this doesn’t work, it may be time to call Bi-County, your local HVAC specialist. Signs of thermostat problems include:
    • Issues Adjusting Your Home’s Temperature
    • Your System Won’t Respond to Thermostat Settings
    • The Heat in Your Home is Uneven
  • The Heating System Doesn’t Shut Off
    Your thermostat and your heating system should work hand-in-hand. If you find your heater keeps blowing even when it shouldn’t, it’s time to start investigating for a problem. Start by taking a look at your thermostat settings. If your system is simply set on “Fan On” instead of “Auto” it will continue to run until you change it. If you have to transition your thermostat to this setting, give your system time to adjust. It should kick on or off as it works to synchronize your home environment with the thermostat setting.
    If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could either be a sign of a faulty thermostat or blower issue. If it’s the thermostat, reset it to the manufacturer’s settings, then give it time to run. If this fixes the problem, you’re set! If not, you may need to replace your thermostat. The other cause could be that you need a blower repair or replacement. Either way, Bi-County can help solve the issue.
  • Lack of Maintenance Catches Up with Your System
    Lack of maintenance is probably our #1 source of service calls during the winter. It’s the most likely reason your heat won’t turn on. More often than not, the problem is that your furnace has a dirty blower motor that can lead to equipment failure. When the motor is dirty, the heat exchanger won’t work unless enough cool air moves across it to keep it from overheating. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and can amplify existing problems. If you’ve got a dirty flame sensor, your system may cut off as soon as it turns on. Dirty burners can also make it hard for your furnace to operate properly. It might still work, just not very well.
    Annual maintenance ultimately pays for itself because you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience or discomfort of a non-functioning furnace. Our technician will come out to your home to clean your system, check its components, and make sure everything is running efficiently. It’s also a great way to prevent major repair problems, as we will replace any parts showing signs of wear and tear.

Heat Won’t Turn On? Give Us A Call!

If you live in the Bucks-Mont area and your heat isn’t working properly, we’re more than happy to come out and diagnose the problem. If you’re looking to prevent potential equipment failure, our maintenance service plans include an annual furnace or heat pump inspection. Being a regular Fuel-oil Delivery customer also makes you our priority. We will push you up to the top of the list whenever there’s a service call! All in all, it’s more economical to inspect your system each year and a clean bill of health on your furnace means a comfortable winter free from HVAC problems.

Count on Bi-County Inc year-round to make sure your home is being heated and cooled safely and reliably! Our professionally trained staff has over 30 years experience in the installation of new heating equipment and the diagnosing of existing HVAC equipment malfunctions. Click to make a service appointment online today or call 215-822-0515. We service most of Bucks and Montgomery County, PA.

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