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Bi-County Inc’s Winter Storm Home Prep List

Bi-County Inc winter storm home prep list

Is Your Home Cold-Weather Ready?

With a wet and wintery forecast this weekend, it’s important to make sure your home is ready. Bi-County’s Certified Master Technicians have created a winter storm home prep list to help you get prepared…

Check Your Sump Pump:

  • Find your sump pump in the basement or mechanical room and make sure that the pump is plugged into a working electrical outlet.
  • Remove the cover to the basin and check for debris, such as leaves or mud, and clear if necessary.
  • Check to make sure the float is able to move freely and is not stuck to the side of the basin or caught on anything.
  • Slowly add a bucket of water to the basin until the float rises and your sump pump successfully switches on.
  • If your system has a battery-operated back-up pump, test the batteries to make sure it’s working and replace them if necessary. You will want to check the float switch on this as well (as indicated above). In the event of a power failure, a battery back-up can provide 4-6 hours of running time.
  • If you have a watered powered back-up, check to make sure the float switch can move up and down freely.
  • Go outside and check the sump pump discharge line. Is it free of dirt, leaves and ice? Even if your sump pump is in good working order, a clogged discharge pipe can prevent water from leaving your basement or crawl space.

Check Your Thermostat:

  • Turn your heat setting up a few degrees and leave it there. It’s easier for your heating system to hold a slightly higher temperature than to cycle up and down during severe weather.
  • If you are using a supplemental heat source like a fireplace or pellet stove, make sure your thermostat is set high enough to maintain at least 65 degrees in rooms farther away. This is especially important if your thermostat is in the same room as your fireplace. Your central heating system may turn off as it measures the temperature in the warmer room which can cause rooms farther away to become very cold.

Check Your Air Filter:

  • If you haven’t checked or changed your furnace or heat pump’s air filter lately, do it know. A dirty air filter makes your equipment work harder and inefficiently. 

To Help Prevent Frozen Pipes, Be Sure to Check the Following:

  • Turn the water supply off to outside spigots.
  • Open outside faucets all the way and allow any water in the pipes to drain.
  • Leave cabinet doors open under sinks and vanities so heat can circulate around the pipes.
  • Raise the set point of your thermostat by several degrees.
  • Leave the faucet dripping when you go to bed at night, as a last resort.

Stay warm and safe and remember that you can count on the knowledgeable service team at Bi-County Inc. to take care of your heating and plumbing emergencies this weekend and every weekend – and be sure to use the winter storm home prep list!  Click to contact us or call 215-822-0515 any time for 24/7 emergency support!

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